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McDonald GM Certified Oil Change

Starting at $14.95

Picture Of Cheap Motor Oil Prices At Midland Car Dealers - McDonald GMC Cadillac
The best preventive maintenance you can do is to check the fluids in your vehicle and keep them at proper levels and in good condition. The most common fluid exchange is the oil, which is the primary lubrication of your engine. Over time, oil becomes less effective which can result in damage to important moving parts of your engine.

Your car's engineers have specified an oil for your vehicle, and for a General Motors vehicle that would be either an ACDelco or Mobil1 oil. Your vehicle also calls for a high-quality oil filter to keep any particles your oil may pick up from damaging the rest of the engine, and for a GM vehicle, that is an ACDelco filter. The GM specified oil and filter combination is much better quality than most "quick lube" stores use, and this is not the place to save a couple bucks. At McDonald we will use the high-quality oil and filter combination specified in your owner's manual.

Your best deal on an Oil Change for your GM vehicle!

McDonald now has the best price in Saginaw, Bay City, Midland or anywhere else in mid-Michigan with GM specified parts. A GM Certified Service oil change with ACDelco oil and ACDelco filter is just $14.95, with up to 6 quarts of oil. Upgrading to dexos, the semi-synthetic oil designed for your GM vehicle, the cost is $26.95, and using Mobil 1 full synthetic oil, it's $47.95. These prices are all subject to a disposal fee of under $1 and tax. This is the end of oil change coupons, specials and shopping for an oil change. The advantages of a consistent service provider are huge! Someone who is trained to know exactly how your vehicle should perform so that any change is noticed is a great value! So, whether you're driving a Cadillac, GMC, Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, or any other GM vehicle, McDonald is your home for a GM Certified Service oil change with genuine GM specified parts.

See McDonald for a free check-up between oil changes.

Improvements in engines and the oil itself, including the introduction of synthetic blends like dexos and full synthetic oils, have made it possible to go more than the old school "3 months or 3,000 miles" between oil changes. The oil life monitor, now available in most vehicles, uses information about the way your vehicle is driven to estimate how hard your oil is working and how often it should be changed. It's important to understand that this estimate is related only to the breakdown of the oil, and that low oil levels or particles in the oil are not measured.

Even when your oil is in good condition, it needs to be checked, and while you can do that, we find that many McDonald GMC Cadillac customers would prefer to have us do that check. In many cases that means a quick stop in our service drive to check and top off fluids and get you back on your way. Your owner's manual recommends checking your oil regularly, but if you have over 3,000 miles since your last oil change, you should either check your oil level and quality yourself, or have us do it for you. Our McDonald Certified Service staff are quick, professional and are trained to identify small issues before they become major problems.

    Your McDonald Certified Oil Change Includes:
  • ACDelco or Mobil1 oil as specified by General Motors
  • ACDelco oil filter
  • Factory trained technician
  • 27-point GM Vehicle Inspection
  • Lubricate chassis where applicable